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There are two types of people in this world (or at least that’s what it feels like…)

Those who understand finance, investments, and money management.

And those who don’t. 

If you’re in the “Don’t” corner, you can’t get your head around where these people learned this stuff…

It wasn’t school.

Was it parents? Peers? A secret club? You never know. 

Mainly because nobody’s ever been willing to say. It’s always been a tight-lipped club that keeps their financial secrets close to their chest. 

So, even if you know that upskilling your financial knowledge is the secret to upleveling your life, you’ve never been able to do anything about it…

OR, somewhat ironically…

You’d have to pay a fortune to learn it - and the whole reason you want to learn it is because you don’t have a fortune but want one! 

ALL of that changes inside of the Earn Your Leisure University! 

You get to learn the financial secrets, strategies, and plays that will help you:
  • Invest in your financial future 
  • ​Experience more financial freedom 
  • ​Start or grow a business 
  • ​Secure more lines of credit & loans 
  • ​Make more out of the money you have 
  • ​Ensure your retirement will be comfortable 
  • ​Leave a financial legacy to set your loved ones up for life 
Who Are We & Why We Are Bucking The Trend Of An Entire Industry By Sharing This Stuff With You? 
Hi, we’re Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings.

We’re longtime friends who started out on pretty “regular” paths before we created the Earn Your Leisure movement. 

I (Troy) was an elementary physical education and summer school teacher. 

Over time I got sick and tired of the subpar standard of education the kids I was teaching had to suffer through. 
Nothing was inspiring or motivating or could even be applied to real adult life…
Like financial literacy! 

In summer school, I had more freedom around the curriculum, so I roped in my good friend Rashad. 

At the time, he was working a commission-gig in the financial world after his basketball career had come to an end. 

I invited Rashad to speak, and he was equally as shocked.

He could not believe how IMPRACTICAL the education system was.

We both knew something had to change.

So, we got to work with lesson plans and teaching the kids about financial literacy, money management, and the importance of investing.

This went on for a few years.

During that time, Rashad started to grow his social media following and became known as a financial father figure of sorts.

People looked to him for practical, easy to understand advice.

They trust his transparency! 

They also stuck around for his unique insight into the sports entertainment industry and previous experience playing basketball.  
Rashad’s following grew and grew. It was about that time that we realized Rashad had a platform to continue the financial education we’d started but now for BOTH adults and kids. 

The Earn Your Leisure podcast started in January 2019. 

To this day, we’ve had millions of listeners and over 600k subscribers to our 200+ (and counting) episodes!
After the success of the podcast, people begged us to create a platform with more structured education. 

The Earn Your Leisure University was born!

EYL University (EYLU) is a self-directed educational program which takes a community-based approach to learning. 

We provide a wide range of resources designed to help students learn real-world skills and, more importantly, execute their life and career goals. 

Because ultimately?

We don’t believe financial knowledge should be reserved for the rich! 

We also believe that everyone has a responsibility to upskill their financial knowledge and pass it on to future generations to come. 

That is one of THE most valuable gifts you could EVER give. 

As an EYLU member, we also encourage you to take it a step further. 

Our vision includes building up our communities by effecting change in our neighborhoods, industries, and in the world. 

Our mantra is “Each one, teach one.”

The ultimate goal is to see you win and reach your potential.

Earn Your Leisure University Is Affordable, Accessible & Actionable Financial Education For EVERYBODY 

Your financial upskilling starts at EYLU and never stops!  You’ll become part of an interactive community of success-hungry people with access to game-changing financial knowledge, insight, and expertise. 

Inside EYLU, you’ll not only learn from each other’s input but also from a diverse pool of industry leaders excelling in their fields. As a student, you are given the tools and inspiration needed to take action to improve your financial future AND start a chain-reaction for generations to come. Here's what included:

100+ Earn Your Leisure University Webinars Including: 

  • Business Mastermind
  • Business
  • Career Advancement
  • Credit
  • Education
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance
  • International Business & Investing
  • Investing
  • Personal Finances
  • Real Estate
  • Mental Health & Finance 
  • Retirement
  • Taxes
  • The Wealth Principles with EYL x Loop

New Webinars From Financial Experts Added Every Week 

Get direct access to industry experts every single week. You’ll have the chance to master a variety of different financial topics to continue to upskill yourself and discover new opportunities.  

Private Facebook Community 

With over 6,000 members, our private investment Facebook community is a hub of like-minded, financially ambitious activity, positivity, and support. It’s a mixture of financial gems and fun debates to keep you on your toes. 

Group Financial Planning Calls With Rashad Bilal

Once a month, you’ll get to pick the brains of our very own financial expert Rashad Bilal AND be involved in his group session teaching something new about finance, wealth, and investing. 

Book & Movie Club withTroy Millings

The bi-weekly Book & Movie Club hosted by Troy is a great way to leverage the existing financial wisdom already out there and partake in lively discussion around the topics. 

EYL Monthly Investment Group Chat

Become part of our super secret group chat (that everybody on the outside wants to be in.) Get the latest scoops on everything business, finance, latest news and have your say.  

Quarterly Sessions With Seasoned Professors 

Nope, not “Gurus” - actual professors who don’t just teach and work in the current financial industry, but are extremely successful at it too! You’ll learn insider secrets and financial lessons to last a lifetime.   

Financial Accountability Groups 

Whatever area of finance you are interested in (or find yourself interested in) we have a group for you including Real Estate, Crypto Currency and more. It’s a chance to be around like-minded people and become a pro. 

Zoom Access To Market Mondays

Every Monday we host our live show on YouTube. However, as an EYLU member, you get priority Zoom access. This allows you to ask questions to us and our incredible guests (like Mark Cuban, Dame Dash & Spectacular Smith)

**Coming Soon: EYLU Trade School**

Plus, If You Join The Earn Your Leisure University Today, You’ll Also Get:

The Home Buyer's Blueprint Vol.1 Reloaded! (Value: $999)
There is one UNIVERSAL piece of financial knowledge everybody knows: Buying a house is one of the best money moves you can ever make! That’s why it is important to learn how to do it from one of the best. 
Cue Mathew Garland (AKA MG…)
With over 17 years in the mortgage industry and more than 1 billion funded in home loans, he’s a top advisor and leader in the mortgage industry. 

Your future or next home could NOT be in safer hands

The Homebuyers Blueprint Vol.1 is MG’s full playbook to understanding mortgage loan programs (FHA, VA, conventional loans, etc.)  It covers the entire mortgage getting and house buying process from A-Z: 
  • Getting Started
  • The Pre Approval Process
  • Fha Loans
  • Conventional Loans
  • Va Loans
  • You’re Approved, Now What? 
  • Time To Go House Shopping
  • Home Inspection
  • Purchase Sales Agreement
  • The Loan Process
  • Congrats You Are A Homeowner
  • Asset Protection

But That’s Not All… You’ll Also Get MG’s Break Bread Mentorship Webinar 2021

You’ll watch as MG The Mortgage Guy does a Q&A about Real Estate with everyone who attended the session
It’s a great opportunity to get a taste of what it’s actually like to be inside of the industry, without putting any money into it… They talk over what deals are currently on the market, red flags to look out for, common mistakes and MOREIt is an unmissable learning curve! 

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  • 100+ Earn Your Leisure University Webinars 
  • New Webinars From Financial Experts Added Every Week 
  • Private Facebook Community 
  • Group Financial Planning Calls With Rashad Bilal
  • Book & Movie Club with Troy Millings
  • EYL Monthly Investment Group Chat
  • Quarterly Sessions With Seasoned Professors 
  • Financial Accountability Groups 
  • Zoom Access To Market Mondays
  • The Home Buyer's Blueprint Vol.1 Reloaded! 
  • **Coming Soon: EYLU Trade School**
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